Friday, September 7, 2012

SATURDAY Farmers Markets Multi Groups Paint Outs

Bradenton Farmers Market on Historic Main Street  in Downtown Bradenton  on the 1st Saturday of every month with Susie Covert contact person

Venice Farmers Market in front of the Historic KMI building Venice Mall on Tampa Ave Venice FL 34285 Meeting by the Melange Co-op Gallery, the third Saturday of every month Karen Hitt the contact person

Morning sessions... at both locations considering that the farmers markets end by noon or one.
No RSVP needed.  These two monthly outings are designed for ALL Plein Air Painters in any group.

The regular Saturdays will be a nice addition for some that aren't available during the week to paint out... so hope this accommodates your schedules

Expect to see Historic downtown districts, Venders, fresh produce, flowers, variety of  people, children, pets, Music Playing and Venice has a water fountain park and Gazebo too as a part of the view. Both locations just a few blocks from the water.  Making for great painting subjects any direction you turn.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Venice Celebrates 85th

SUMMERFEST at the Venice Art Center 
celebrates Venice and her 85th Birthday.
Opening Reception for the Exhibit is Friday July 13th and starts at 5pm.  
A Lecture on the legendary'Highway Men' Begins at 6pm.  
That Reception and Lecture is FREE to the public.
More Events are on the schedule during the exhibit too. I will be giving a 
lecture / demo on 
Plein Air
with Karen Hitt
Wednesday July 18th, 2012 at 11am
Venice Art Center
for more info call: 941.485.7136
Come celebrate Venice and the Arts at all the events of SUMMERFEST

"A Locals Ritual" K.HItt Painted with VPA at the South Jetty- Plein Air Oil- SOLD at "Light Chasers" PASC exhibit

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update Mon morning MAP

Monday Morning Office Rush'-by K.Hitt
The view with VPA an their MAP last Monday 4/16.  More were out and about at Caspersen's Too... enjoying the office view.
An Unofficial MAP will be with a long time Venietian Mike.  They will be meeting Wednesday 4/18 Morning.. at 9:15 under the  north bridge,  Island  side, across from the harbor, the end of the bike trail..

If you have any locations and times that you would like to share.... just let me know and will post them for you.  Several VPA and PASC plein air painters took part in Paint The Town 2012 Last Week.  The Paintings are still on display until the 27th.  For more information: Paint The Town 2012

Schedule has been ridiculously busy.  SO SO SORRY for that.

Our Next MAP(Mon. 8:30am 4/23 WINDY out there just now, not sure will try setting up in it at Maxines nowhere to hide from it.  May try sneaking in this afternoon at the same above spot. The surf will be GREAT.  Been hearing from others and their extreme Plein Air Painting outings...  today may be one of them :0) right now will be at Maxine Barrett Park for Next Monday as a morning session.  You can park either at the end of Sharky's Parking lot or in the park... I will be parking closer to the Dog Park myself in the park.  HOPE to SEE you there.... think will be bringing my Bonnie Blu to here this time too.  Plan to see views of the Pier, Beach, Sand Dunes... etc.... or you can even be really brave and dare to paint the pups at the dog park too.  Hope to see you there.  K

Monday, March 12, 2012


Light Chaser  
Exciting WEEK for Plein Air ahead...
especially for the viewer of more wonderful Paintings!
This week is the opening of PASC exhibit
"Light Chasers" at the Celery Barn Gallery in Towles Court.  See the link above for more info.

Katie Dobson Cundiff donated a gorgous painting that will be raffled off the night of the Galla At the Celery Barn Gallery

Hodges Soileau did two beautiful paintings illustrating the field study uses to the artist and their studio paintings.  See His blog for more information on this.   
If this is not enough,  
There are more live examples of this to be seen at the 
  VPA EXHIBIT still on display too until April 12th.  The emphasis of the entire exhibit was to illustrate just what 'plein air' is for the viewer and the artist.  

If you are a lover of Plein Air Painting or their Paintings.... this is a great week of enjoying them.  Hope to see you at one of the locations.  Wonderful Paintings are not only on display, they are available for purchase to add to your collections.  The beauty of Plein Air remains in that it is a piece of history touched personally with the artists hand and vision... to record our area landscapes keeping it recorded in heirloom quality for all time.  From the beginner painter to the national award winning artist... all are available at both of these exhibits.  ENJOY THE ART and its little piece of History shared by the Artist' eye.

VPA MAPs are taking a break from their official MAP.
I am teaching workshops the next few weeks.  If interested in those more info is available at my blog 
Out and About with K. Hitt  In the mean time, an unofficial location will continue to be meeting at Capersen's either Monday  or Saturday too.  Morning and or Evening sessions are always a joy. 
The azalea's were wonderful to paint at Gail's.  Here are a few shots from that day last week too. 

Azaela Way in the works

AzaleaWay - 4x6 K. Hitt

"Gail's Old Florida Garden", 12x16- Maryanne Jacobsen
Gail's Trails... plein air 16x20 K. Hitt

Karen and....

Maryanne out and about with a new gift...

wet canvas carrier

To see more about the day of painting, visit Maryanne's Paintdancer blog. To learn more about the Wet Case Carrying System, or to order your own online, here is the link: Wet Case Carrying System.
Plus the next exhibit for you to review too Paint The Town 

Saturday, January 21, 2012

27FebUPDATE MAPs Azalea's....

Gail Dempsey - Oil - of our view
Meet And Paint!  
Remember if its looks like rain its your call for any of our MAPs. TODAY is a good chance of it.  Clouds make for the best skies to paint in my book... may just be there.
Feb 27 -Mon -afternoon session SOUTH Jetty afternoon session, for the sunset.  I will probably arrive around 3 To get a parking spot.
Feb 25-26 Karen Exhibiting At Venice Art Center Fine Art Show & Sale, sooooooo -
 If you have any spots would like to go to, drop me line at
Would like to head North and South and in our Home Field too. 
 March 3rd all day... Sat. Session 1. morning session, sack lunch, afternoon session.  
RSVP me to confirm and if you still need directions.

Azalea's are PERFECT... 3 is a charm!
 Not posting addresses here.
The Azalea's are in bloom! Should be BEAUTIFUL!
SOLD at Weekend show! KHitt- plein air sketch ...
can't wait to paint them some more and to see yours too!

March 5th -Mon 2nd Session Private 5acre Residence on Bay Morning & Afternoon, we can once again Picnic. 
   The Azalea's are in bloom!

A few of the views from Sat.  & we will be back on Monday too. Hope to see you with VPA.

Vencie Plein Air
Venice Art Center Satellite 
and thanks to ALL the talented artists in our area it is BEAUTIFUL!  
If you haven't seen it yet, be sure to stop by and do so. 

A Venice Art Center Satellite Exhibit:

“Time Captured Anew En Plein Air”

At The Art Gallery of Jacaranda Trace
In the Cadbury Commons Club

3600 William Penn Way

Venice, FL 34293

Exhibit runs January 17 through April 12, 2012
22 Artist, 60 Paintings!
Art Gallery is on the Second Floor of the Commons Building Just through the gates, straight and then on your left. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Thank YOU Mary Anne Jacobson for sharing these photo's from the opening Reception.  We had a HUGE turnout.  THANK YOU Venice area and artist's and all for your support.  Amazing Talent in this area, and it is SO NICE TO GET TO HIGHLIGHT IT.  The Exhibit is still on display, and paintings from some amazing artists is available.  Hope you stop buy and see for yourself. 
Here is one fabulous comment that received on the Exhibit.  Two wonderful ladies that are from Boston and are in the Englewood area now, that came up just to see the painting:
Nancy EBJan 18, 2012 09:59 AM
We loved the show. Very nice opening also. We are two Boston artists (Mass College of Art & Design) and we are so impressed with the quality of work in this group. Special thanks to Karen Hitt for a warm and gracious welcome. - Mary Griffin (Englewood) & Nancy Boyle.
If anyone else has pictures from the opening would love for you to share them with me... just send to the email.  I was SO BUSY that didn't get the opportunity to take any myself.  Thank you again ALL for your support.  A HUGE thank you to The Art Gallery at Jacaranda Trace that provide the wonderful location, and fabulous reception/cocktail party.  Also Venice Art Center and all that they do to support the arts in this community, and sponsor these Satellite exhibits!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


TODAY IS THE DAY! OPENING Reception and Cocktail Party 3:00- 5:30PM
Many Artist will be on hand... and their FABULOUS ART! 22 Artist - 60 Paintings - Food - Drink
what more do you need - HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!
"Time Captured Anew En Plein Air" 
January 17th, 2012, 3-5:30pm
At The Art Gallery of Jacaranda Trace
In the Cadbury Commons Club
3600 William Penn Way
Venice, FL 34293
Exhibit runs through April 12, 2012
ps. Venice Art Center has directions at the front desk or you can call them at 941.485. 7136
EASY to find, Signs will be posted too, to keep it a Easy Button for you.
Hodges Soileau - Spanish Point - Oil - Copyrighted
Mary Erickson - Up Close Palm - Oil - Copyrighted
Dominic Avant - Guptil House - Oil -Copyrighted
Kirsten Andreason- Ramshackled- W/C - Copyrighted

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beyond Plein Air

Mary Erickson- Thumbnail - copyrighted
VPA- "Time Captured Anew En Plein Air" Exhibit 
Opening Reception And Cocktail Party
January 17th, 2012, 3-5:30pm
At The Art Gallery of Jacaranda Trace
In the Cadbury Commons Club
3600 William Penn Way
Venice, FL 34293
Exhibit runs through April 12, 2012
Beyond Plein Air

Our emotional response to nature is innate. The practice of painting and sketching outdoors began the moment man decided to put that emotional response onto stone, parchment, then canvas.

Mary Erickson- Last Light- Caspersen- Study- Copyrighted
Traditionally, plein air painting was called "field work," and the results were not meant to be gallery pieces. Field studies are one of the tools that an artist uses to create finished larger works. Often the smallest details are overlooked to help convey a feeling, a certain light, color, atmospheric effect, or distinct shape. The simple act of recording an image while in the field helps the artist to recreate that scene with clarity and detail in the studio. The camera is an effective tool, but most advanced studio work is based on what is learned by painting in the field.

Mary Erickson - Up Close Palm - Caspersens - Copyrighted
The field study acts as a catalyst for the mind to recall the details that, even though are not recorded on canvas, have been set in the mind’s eye (visual memory). Along with sketches, color studies, photographs and visual memory, plein air paintings are used to create refined, larger studio final works.

The French Impressionists led the way for plein air paintings to be shown and sold as complete works… often with a unique originality and brilliance that comes from painting outdoors. But when the plein air painting leaves the studio, it fulfills only half of its purpose. The plein air painting is not only a beautiful end result to be enjoyed on the wall. It is one of the most valuable resources a landscape or wildlife artist has.

-Mary Erickson

In this exhibit specific example: Mary Erickson’s plein air paintings done on Caspersen Beach (Up Close Palm and Last Light) and one of the thumbnail ideas from the sketchbook, inspired the 24x30 studio painting titled, “Around the Palm.”
all artwork and text copyrighted - Mary Erickson if not for specific promotion of VPA Exhibit " Time Captured Anew En Plein Air" all rights reserved.

To view the Finished Studio Piece that these Inspired Join us January 17th 3-5:30 where it and many Local and Nationally Acclaimed Artists Paintings are shared at  Venice Plein Air "Time Capture Anew En Plein Air" Exhibit.    
FB Invitation to share