Thursday, October 13, 2022

2022-2023 Annual Schedule VPA MAPs (Meet And Paint)

 We are keeping it SIMPLE this year as all are wheeling from the effects of Ian on the area.    

Venice Plein Air MAP which equals 

Meet And Paint

simple as that, and our

 Mission: "Preserving Venice One Plein Air Painting At A Time  

Since 2003

 ...No Fees

Just Outdoor painting Camaraderie! " 

 So THAT remains our plan for this upcoming season November-April 2022-23, meeting on

1st Monday & 3rd Saturday each month.


Nov 7-MAP Caspersens

Nov 19- MAP Historic Downtown Venice 

Dec 5- MAP Caspersens

Dec 17-  MAP Historic Downtown Venice 

Jan 2- MAP Caspersens

Jan 21- MAP VENICE URBAN FOREST (hit hard by Ian)

Feb 6 MAP Caspersens

Feb 18 MAP Historic Downtown Venice 

Mar 6 MAP Caspersens

Mar 18 MAP Historic Downtown Venice 

Apr 3 MAP Caspersens

Apr 15 MAP Historic Downtown Venice 


We meet 8:30ish - Noonish.  Critique if wish starts around 11:30am.

Caspersen's we paint all along the boardwalk, and usually meet down towards the end of the beach along the surf.

Historic Downtown Venice we meet at or around the Gazebo and spread out from there. 

Simply look for fellow painters, introduce yourself... and paint on.



 Follow our Facebook Page if you can for updates, and will also share there when other painting opportunities are available in our area.  Hopefully we will be able to dual MAP with Sharon's Group Peace River Painters, as we annually do.  Their area hit hard by Ian.

Karen Ann Hitt, your VPA Facilitator apologizes for so many missed dates in our last season.  She herself experienced a flood of her home and many extenuating circumstances where restoration took over a year.  Heart goes out to all in the area that are picking up the pieces of their world post Ian. Thankful to be able to still MAP this season... and hope to see lots of familiar faces at our beloved places for some good ole outdoor painting camaraderie... and yes preserving our beloved area with Art!