Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beyond Plein Air

Mary Erickson- Thumbnail - copyrighted
VPA- "Time Captured Anew En Plein Air" Exhibit 
Opening Reception And Cocktail Party
January 17th, 2012, 3-5:30pm
At The Art Gallery of Jacaranda Trace
In the Cadbury Commons Club
3600 William Penn Way
Venice, FL 34293
Exhibit runs through April 12, 2012
Beyond Plein Air

Our emotional response to nature is innate. The practice of painting and sketching outdoors began the moment man decided to put that emotional response onto stone, parchment, then canvas.

Mary Erickson- Last Light- Caspersen- Study- Copyrighted
Traditionally, plein air painting was called "field work," and the results were not meant to be gallery pieces. Field studies are one of the tools that an artist uses to create finished larger works. Often the smallest details are overlooked to help convey a feeling, a certain light, color, atmospheric effect, or distinct shape. The simple act of recording an image while in the field helps the artist to recreate that scene with clarity and detail in the studio. The camera is an effective tool, but most advanced studio work is based on what is learned by painting in the field.

Mary Erickson - Up Close Palm - Caspersens - Copyrighted
The field study acts as a catalyst for the mind to recall the details that, even though are not recorded on canvas, have been set in the mind’s eye (visual memory). Along with sketches, color studies, photographs and visual memory, plein air paintings are used to create refined, larger studio final works.

The French Impressionists led the way for plein air paintings to be shown and sold as complete works… often with a unique originality and brilliance that comes from painting outdoors. But when the plein air painting leaves the studio, it fulfills only half of its purpose. The plein air painting is not only a beautiful end result to be enjoyed on the wall. It is one of the most valuable resources a landscape or wildlife artist has.

-Mary Erickson

In this exhibit specific example: Mary Erickson’s plein air paintings done on Caspersen Beach (Up Close Palm and Last Light) and one of the thumbnail ideas from the sketchbook, inspired the 24x30 studio painting titled, “Around the Palm.”
all artwork and text copyrighted - Mary Erickson if not for specific promotion of VPA Exhibit " Time Captured Anew En Plein Air" all rights reserved.

To view the Finished Studio Piece that these Inspired Join us January 17th 3-5:30 where it and many Local and Nationally Acclaimed Artists Paintings are shared at  Venice Plein Air "Time Capture Anew En Plein Air" Exhibit.    
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