Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update Mon morning MAP

Monday Morning Office Rush'-by K.Hitt
The view with VPA an their MAP last Monday 4/16.  More were out and about at Caspersen's Too... enjoying the office view.
An Unofficial MAP will be with a long time Venietian Mike.  They will be meeting Wednesday 4/18 Morning.. at 9:15 under the  north bridge,  Island  side, across from the harbor, the end of the bike trail..

If you have any locations and times that you would like to share.... just let me know and will post them for you.  Several VPA and PASC plein air painters took part in Paint The Town 2012 Last Week.  The Paintings are still on display until the 27th.  For more information: Paint The Town 2012

Schedule has been ridiculously busy.  SO SO SORRY for that.

Our Next MAP(Mon. 8:30am 4/23 WINDY out there just now, not sure will try setting up in it at Maxines nowhere to hide from it.  May try sneaking in this afternoon at the same above spot. The surf will be GREAT.  Been hearing from others and their extreme Plein Air Painting outings...  today may be one of them :0) right now will be at Maxine Barrett Park for Next Monday as a morning session.  You can park either at the end of Sharky's Parking lot or in the park... I will be parking closer to the Dog Park myself in the park.  HOPE to SEE you there.... think will be bringing my Bonnie Blu to here this time too.  Plan to see views of the Pier, Beach, Sand Dunes... etc.... or you can even be really brave and dare to paint the pups at the dog park too.  Hope to see you there.  K

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