Venice Urban Forest Growing Up


"The Urban Forest In Paint"  documenting 

The Urban Forest Growing UP! January 16th, 2021

Each year on the 3rd Saturday in the month of January, VPA MAP (Meet And Paint) has a special MAP at the Venice Urban Forest- A growing Urban Forest coming about from John Nolen's original plan for the city of Venice.  Venice Plein Air is all about preserving Venice one plein air painting at a time and recording its growing, its history and bringing the Artist and the community together in the process. Here is a link to last years exhibit posts:

Venice Urban Forest Growing Up Exhibit

Venice Urban Forest MAP (Meet And Paint)

 Venice Urban Forest Growing Up Exhibit is scheduled again this year for the 3rd of March 2021.  We will see what Covid regulations have to say about that.  Stay tuned.  The goal for the Exhibit at the VABI (Venice Area Beautification Inc) Office is to promote both all that VABI does, and those that volunteer at the Urban Forest do, AND paintings from all over the area of Venice created from our MAP's through out the season.  The goal, two People's Choice Awards this year: 

1. Best of Venice Plein Air MAP 

2. Best of Venice Urban Forest

Monetary Awards for each.  A 50/50 split with Venice Urban Forest and the Winning Artist's of all votes collected between March 3rd and April 7th. April 7th the winners will be announced!  Lets hope we get to either virtually or in-person view all the paintings culminating from our MAP's this season.  

Venice Urban Forest Vision by Bill Farnsworth
Venice Plein Air, Venice Urban Forest, Venice Area Beautification Inc. and the Community ALL working together to support our beautiful town!  Stay tuned for how you can come out and VOTE for your Favorites! 

Here are a few pictures from last years outings:

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